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tlaSlick is a Slick-C module that contains every Slick-C function found in all the Slick-C macros on this website.

You can select each Royalty Free macro and install it on your machine or you can purchase a copy of tlaSlick that contains all the functions in a single module and simply install them all.

tlaSlick operates under Visual SlickEdit.


Refer to the specific section of the Slick-C area of this website for a detailed description of the macro and the corresponding tlaSlick. You can navigate there by using the table below or the tlaHelp function. documentation for the individual API macros.


tlaSlick contains the following functions:

# Module Description
1 tlaBrace Move All Braces Left or Right One Tab Stop
2 tlaBrief Emulate Brief End and Home Commands
3 tlaComment Apply Standard Date/Time Stamp to Comment Line
4 tlaCursor Move Cursor and Report Distance Moved
5 tlaDateTime Format Standard Date/Time String
6 tlaEventSave Insert Standard Date/Time When File is Saved
7 tlaFileDateTime Display File Date and Time in Local Format
8 tlaHelp Access Online Help for All Funcations
9 tlaInsertDateTime Insert Enterprise Standard Date/Time at Cursor
10 tlaMessage Error, Message Box, and Normal Message
11 tlaMoveParagraph Move Cursor to Next or Previous Paragraph
12 tlaOpenTree Open All Files in Directory Tree with Matching Filename
13 tlaRevision Insert Standard Date/Time Between HTML Tag Pair
14 tlaSkip Skip Down or Up Over Space or Text Lines
15 tlaStandardFormat Implement Enterprise Standard Page Foramt
16 tlaTouchBuffer Mark Non-System Read-Write Buffers as Modified
17 tlaViewCycle Cycle Through Display Modes
18 tlaWindowAll Set All Edit Windows - Iconize and Normalize
19 tlaWindowToggle Toggle Current Window View - Iconize and Maximize
20 tlaWrapParagraph Wrap Paragraph and Move Cursor to Next or Previous


Current version verified under:

  • Visual SlickEdit 8.0


Purchase a copy of tlaSlick by selecting the Buy button on this page and filling in the order form.

  • Copy tlaSlick to your system ...
    • Double-click on the distribution archive tlaSlick.exe.
    • Select any directory on your system as the location to store tlaSlick.e.
    • Select "Finish".
    • Verify that you receive "Authentic files verified" for "Thom Little Associates, Ltd.".
  • Load Visual SlickEdit.
  • Open tlaSlick.e.
  • Select PFK-12 to compile the macros.


The tlaSlick module that operates in Visual SlickEditcan be purchased by selecting the Buy button on this page. When the new window opens, follow the ordering instructions.

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