Mark Read-Write Buffers as Modified

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Mark Read-Write Buffers as Modified.


Consider an environment that has tlaEventSave installed and the Write on change of focus option is set. In such an environment we find it convenient to work on multiple modules at a time leaving them loaded in CodeWright buffers sometimes for many days. The date/time stamp in each module will indicate when it was last updated.

When it comes time to publish the set of modules it is almost mandatory that the date/time stamp in all modules be close to the same. To do this, issue tlaTouchBuffer( "A" ) (in our systems it is assigned to two buttons) and then click on the screen anywhere outside CodeWright.

If you want to just force the update of selected documents, select the document and issue tlaTouchBuffer( "C" ) instead of tlaTouchBuffer("all").


tlaTouchBuffer( "A" )
tlaTouchBuffer( "C" )

Input Parameters

Parm Name Code Meaning
1 Scope A Mark all buffers as modified.
C Mark current buffer as modified.

Return Codes

Code Message
number tlaTouchBuffer: number buffers marked.
-1 tlaTouchBuffer: Parameter not null, "A", or "C" -- Error.




Current version verified under:

  • Visual SlickEdit 8.0


Perform the following steps:

  • Select the Code button on this page.
  • When the second window opens, select all the text in the text box.
  • Issue Ctl-C (copy).
  • Create a file in Visual SlickEdit with type Slick-C and extension ".e".
  • Issue Ctl-V (paste).
  • Issue Ctl-S (save).
  • Select PFK-12 to compile the macros.


tlaSlick is a Visual Slick-C module that contains all of the Slick-C macros on this website in a single easy to install package. The tlaSlick module can be purchased by selecting the Buy button on this page.

tlaTouchBuffer is included as a function in tlaSlick.

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