Access Online Help for All Funcations

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Access Online Help for All Funcations.


This function accesses the page on the that describes a function in this library.

You can issue a tlaHelp function call and specify the function name to be located or posting the cursor to the function name and execute tlaHelp with no parameters.

If you select the word "index" using either method you will positioned to the library index.


tlaHelp( "tlaEventSave" )
tlaHelp( "index" )
tlaHelp( )

Input Parameters

Parm Name Code Meaning
1 Type   Use word at cursor as function and load function documentation page in default browser.
function Load function documentation page in default browser.

Return Codes

Code Message




Current version verified under:

  • Visual SlickEdit 8.0


Perform the following steps:

  • Select the Code button on this page.
  • When the second window opens, select all the text in the text box.
  • Issue Ctl-C (copy).
  • Create a file in Visual SlickEdit with type Slick-C and extension ".e".
  • Issue Ctl-V (paste).
  • Issue Ctl-S (save).
  • Select PFK-12 to compile the macros.


tlaSlick is a Visual Slick-C module that contains all of the Slick-C macros on this website in a single easy to install package. The tlaSlick module can be purchased by selecting the Buy button on this page.

tlaHelp is included as a function in tlaSlick.

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