Apply Date/Time Stamp to Special Comment Line

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Apply Date/Time Stamp to Special Comment Line.


This function stamps the current date/time into any comment statement that is of the form:

delimiter hh:mm when delimiter is set from an entry in a table keyed to the extension of the file.

This function calls tlaDateTime and as such will help implement your organization standard date/time stamp.

It is useful to have a "starter" date/time in the template that you use for module creation. If you use the supplied format emitted by tlaDateTime, an example of a "starter" date/time for C# might be:

// 2002.01.01 12:00      Copyright 1993-2005 ...

The document types (file extensions) currently supported by this function are:

Type Map Comment Revision Language
.adb   /*     Ada
.asm   ;     Assembly Language
.asp   <!--   TRUE Active Server Page
.awk   /*     Aho, Weinberger, and Weinberger
.bas   '     Basic
.bat   /*     Batch (Shell)
.c   //     C
.ctml   /*     CTML
.cls .bas '      
.cob   *     COBOL
.cpp   //     C++
.cs   //     C#
.ctl .bas '      
.cwb   '     AppBasic Macro (CodeWright)
.cxx   //     C++
.dob .bas '      
.dsr .bas '      
.e   //     Slick-C
.frm .bas '      
.h   //     Header (C)
.hpp   //     Header (C++)
.htm .html <!--   TRUE Hyper Text Markup Language
.html   <!--   TRUE Hyper Text Markup Language
.ini   '     Initialization
.hxx .hpp //     Header (C++)
.jav .java //     Java
.java   //     Java
.js   //     Jscript
.jsp   //     Java Server Page
.mac   //     API Macro (CodeWright)
.mak   #     Make and NMake
.nrx   /*     NetRexx
.pag bas '      
.pas   {     Pascal
.php   /*     PHP: Hypertext Preprocessor
.pl   #   TRUE Perl
.rc   /*     RC
.rul   /*     InstallScript
.sqlj   /*     SQLJ
.tcl   /*     Tcl/Tk
.tk   /*     Tcl/Tk
.txt   /*     Text
.v   /*     Verilog
.vb .bas '     Visual Basic
.vbs   '     VBscript
.vhd   /*     VHDL


tlaComment( )

Return Codes

Code Message


This function calls tlaDateTime.





Current version verified under:

  • Visual SlickEdit 8.0


Perform the following steps:

  • Select the Code button on this page.
  • When the second window opens, select all the text in the text box.
  • Issue Ctl-C (copy).
  • Create a file in Visual SlickEdit with type Slick-C and extension ".e".
  • Issue Ctl-V (paste).
  • Issue Ctl-S (save).
  • Select PFK-12 to compile the macros.


tlaSlick is a Visual Slick-C module that contains all of the Slick-C macros on this website in a single easy to install package. The tlaSlick module can be purchased by selecting the Buy button on this page.

tlaComment is included as a function in tlaSlick.

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