Add All Loaded Files to Current Project

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Add All Loaded Files to Current Project.


This function adds an entry in the Current project for each file that is currently open.

This function is indispensable for managing projects.


tlaProjAddOpenFiles( )

With one or more files open, issue tlaProjFileAdd( ). Each of the files will be added to the Current project.

CodeWright has a popup menu for the Current project and a separate popup menu for the non-Current projects.

The top of the Current project popup menu has two entries. We recommend that you add a third entry for the function that complements the other two. This results in:

Menu Item Text Execute Function
Add New Files... DlgProjectEx NULL TAB_PROJFILES_ID 4 NULL 1
Add Existing Files  
Add Open Files tlaProjAddOpenFiles

The top of the non-Current project popup menu has an entry to allow you to swap to another project by making it current. This unfortunately closese all open files before it swaps to the new project. We recommend that you add an entry that swaps to the new project and does not close the files before doing so. This gives you the option then of either closing or not closing the files each time you swap projects. This results in:

Menu Item Text Execute Function
Set as Current Project (ProjOpen(_ProjViewTreeGetStr(201),1))
Set as Current Project - Keep Open (ProjOpen(_ProjViewTreeGetStr(201),0))

Input Parameters


Return Codes

Code Message/Meaning
-1 tlaProjAddOpenFiles: Function not supported by CodeWright for .NET.
Normal tlaProjAddOpenFiles: number Files added to Current project.
Error tlaProjAddOpenFiles: There are no files loaded.


This function calls tlaError.


Current version verified under:

  • CodeWright 7.0b
  • CodeWright 7.0c
  • CodeWright 7.5.1
  • CodeWright 7.5.2
  • CodeWright for .NET 7.0 does not support this function

CodeWright for .NET Restriction

This function support CodeWright Projects that are not available in CodeWright for .NET.


There are three primary methods for installing this macro on your system. Method A uses the tlaMDE tool available for purchase from this website. Method B manipulates the macro repository directly. Method C uses the API Macro... tool provided in every copy of CodeWright (but not CodeWright for .NET).

Method A - tlaMDE - CodeWright or CodeWright for .NET

  • Select the Code button on this page.
  • When the second window opens, select all the text in the text box.
  • Issue Ctl-C (copy).
  • Create a new file in CodeWright or CodeWright for .NET.
  • Issue Ctl-V (paste).
  • Issue tlaMDE C (save and compile).

Method B - Copy to Repository - CodeWright or CodeWright for .NET

  • Select the Code button on this page.
  • When the second window opens, select all the text in the text box for a macro.
  • Issue Ctl-C (copy).
  • Load the macro repository "cwright.mac" from your CodeWright or CodeWright for .NET root:
  • issue Ctl-End to go to the end of file.
  • Issue Ctl-V (paste).
  • Close the file and respond yes to the write request.

Method C - API Macro ... - CodeWright Only

  • Select the Code button on this page.
  • When the second window opens, select text from the text box for a macro:
    • Do not select the [API Macro ... header line.
    • Select all other lines in the macro.
  • Issue Ctl-C (copy).
  • Open the CodeWright Tools | API Macros... dialog.
  • Press the New button.
  • Select the Edit box.
  • Issue Ctl-V (paste).
  • Double-click on the function name in the header of the macro.
  • Issue Ctl-C (copy).
  • Select the Name box.
  • Issue Ctl-V (paste).
  • Delete the trailing blank from the name.
  • Select the Save button.
  • Select the Close button.
  • Repeat this process for each macro in the text box.


tlaTools is a Dynamic Link Library that contains most of the API macros on this website in a single easy to install package. The tlaTools DLL can be purchased by selecting the Buy button on this page.

tlaProjAddOpenFiles is included as a function in tlaTools.

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